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When we talk about the most popular serotonin reuptake inhibitors then we can easily say that Celexa was the best one to go ahead with. This drug has all the eligibility criteria to accept as a good inhibitor for anxiety disorders. It is also called as Citalopram and sometimes called as Nitalapram. This drug is being marketed with different names in different countries, in Australia in the brand name of Talohexane and in Europe as Cipramil. Though the brand names are different but the chemical reactions that it has and the molecular structure is all the same. Orally this drug has to be taken without any other mixes or solvents.

How its works

Since these kinds of drugs are used to increase the level of Serotonin in the brain and also to increase the cells activity they are mainly structured with a lot of care. When we use this drug the main activity which this does is that this increases the level of Serotonin  across the synapses which means an amount of regularization will be done which is the reason why the level of depression and tension or anxiety disorders will be reduced gradually along the course of this drug usage.

Side effects of celexa

Well to say frankly all the drugs will have their side effects and this Celexa is not left behind. As per the analysis and records for the year 2005-2006 it was concluded that there may be cases wherein people can get nausea, vomiting, dizziness, heart-attacks, sexually important, loosing interest in doing any important activity, falling ill easily, sweating and in some cases there are chances of blurred vision. Recently there we also cases like attempts of suicide, sudden change from the normal activity, pain in the muscles, allergy and fainting. If we keep on listing the side-effects we can mention a lot and the list never ends.

How to use celexa

Well to say the truth always it’s a good idea to take an advice of the doctor before using any drug, Celexa must always be taken orally this is an important way to consume this drug, many neglect this and fall as an easy prey to the side-effects of this drug. See any drug when taken or consumed in prescribed way will not be that must negative, what are the wanted results from us can be achieved always when we strictly follow the dosage criteria suggested by a professional medical practitioner.

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