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Cymbalta Medication For Anxiety

Many medicated drugs are available in the market now-a-days for curing different kinds of Anxiety disorders, and based upon that use we can easily come across the present drug called as Cymbalta medication. This is a special type of drug when compared with its competitors. Cymbalta Medication is a special type of antidepressant which is manufactured by Eli Lilly and company. This is a special drug which belongs to the group of Dual Uptake Inhibitors. The analysis which came out in the market regards this drug can be always said to as positive. Always we can say that the way we choose a drug is an important factor before going ahead with its usage.

Usage of Anxiety

This drug is supplied in small capsules in the range from 20, 30 and 60 mg. Well when coming to its action we can easily say that it always decrease the depression level in a person very easily. Its always a good way and a prescribed method to have a 60mg dosage of this drug daily and that to under the guidance of your family doctor.

How Cymbalta Works

This drug is used in balancing the levels between Serotonin and Norepinephrine, these chemicals are always naturally available in the brain, sometimes there will be a decrease in the level of balance between these two so then there are occurrences of depression, tension and anxiety in any person, the reason why the balance is reduced is explained in different ways by many researchers but at this point of time we just need to know how can we maintain the balance between these two so this Cymbalta medication will work in such a way that it always try to maintain the balance.

Side effects of Anxiety

There are many side effects that this drug will cause. Constipation, sleeping problems, sexual importance, diet problems, nausea, increased levels in sweating insomnia, nervousness, headaches, vomiting, mental dehydration, dizziness etc.

Preventive measures

Always preventive measures must be taken while using any drug, so while using this drug try to see that its always consumed under the guidance of your doctor. Also keep this medication away from children. When you feel agitated while using this drug then try always to consult a doctor’s advice. While using this medicine see that you don’t consume any alcohol. When you are using this drug see that you are not driving.

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