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Inderal is a new depression and hypertension drug. It is also known with a trade name Propranolol. This drug is a product from AstraZeneca. Inderal is the first beta blocker which is used in the treatment of hypertension and anxiety. Inderal was developed in 1950’s by a noble prize winner James W Black.

Inderal is been used in the treatment of many illness and disorders. Some of the illnesses and disorders are hypertension, angina, and tachyarrthythmias of the heart, myocardial infractions and tachycardia. The research is undergone to see if this drug prevents the post traumatic stress disorder.


Compared to other drugs, Inderal needs very less precautions to be taken. There are chances that if these precautions are not taken Inderal will become fatal. People who are suffering from hyperthyroidism and diabetes are not supposed to take this drug. Also people suffering from Raynaud's syndrome should not take in this medication. Also drugs with bradycardic effects also should not be taken in as this will interact with Inderal. Thus it is always better to take these precautions before taking Inderal, or else, the situation will get worsen.

Also pregnant women should not take this drug as there are chances for a premature birth. Also this drug should not be taken by a mother since the beta blocking agents will be there in the milk. Thus it is better not to use Inderal by pregnant women.

Inderal will interact well with the drugs that are taken to cure the heart disease. For example Inderal will interact well with the anti inflammatory drugs which are used to reduce the cardiac contraction and expansion. Thus these drugs should not be taken in when Inderal is been taken. Also these details should be told to the doctor who is prescribing this medicine.

Dosages of Inderal

Inderal once consumed will be fully absorbed by the body in two to three hours. In order to get the full benefit of Inderal, it is consumed with the food. The concentration of Inderal in the brain is the highest compared to the entire body. The effects of Inderal will last for nearly twelve hours when the dosage consumed is 80 milligrams.

Inderal should be taken based upon the prescription given by the doctor. It is not advised to take more amount of this drug as it will severely affect our body. People who are suffering from hypertension and angina are advised to take 130 milligrams of this drug per day. Others who suffer from tachyarrhythmia, anxiety and hyperthyroidism are advised to take in forty to fifty milligrams of Inderal for three to four times a day.

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