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Anxiety Drugs

These days many are suffering from this Anxiety disorder, the reasons might be many why they are suffering from that but everyone needs some sort of medication for this, they wanted to be relieved free from this stress, strain and symptoms of anxiety, so thinking this in their mind they approach many medical practitioners so that they can get a solution for this, doctors suggest or prescribe them some drugs so that they can get the relief. So due to this need many companies have started different kinds of drugs for curing patients from anxiety. Different kinds of anxiety drugs are available in this market now-a-days so we will discuss a few about them here and their benefits.

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

This is a special kind of drug which is used to decrease the level of serotonin in the brain so this is the first kind of measure that been taken care by this drug. When compared with the other drugs this SSRI (in short it is called like this) has less side effects and that’s the reason why many doctors are prescribing this drug. There are different kinds of SSRI’s to name a few are Citalopram, sertraline, maleate, escitalopram etc.

Apart from the anxiety treatment for which this drug is used it can also be used for Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and some eating disorders etc. To be frank if we keep on mentioning the areas in which this drug is used the list never ends. This must not be used by children and some people who are suffering from severe heart attacks and also this drug must not be consumed along with the MAO inhibitors since then there are chances of deaths.

Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOI’s)

These are those kinds of drugs which are used for the antidepressant therapy, there are many drugs which are used for this therapy but this one has a good use when compared with the others. These drugs must be used by those people who have been failed with the tricyclic therapy. These must not be used along with the SSRI’s since that leads to the some side effects like heart attack, hyperflexia and skin disorders. Utmost care must be taken while using this drug. To name a few in this category are: isocarboxazied, phenelzine, selegiline and harmala.


Apart from the above mentioned drugs there are some traditional antidepressants which must be used only for short time curing purpose since if these are used for a long time a number of side-effects are there so please consult a doctor if you wanted to use them for a long duration. Even though these kinds of drugs are available in the market these days its always a better idea to stop going for drugs and practice self-hypnosis therapy. 

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