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Valium is an anti depressant drug that is been taken in order to free form the anxiety. This is also known by another name called Diazepam. Due to its effects it is also called as the mother’s little help. This drug became very famous in early sixties. Though valium is used to avoid anxiety there are also some side effects that exist for this drug. Even though this drug has some severe side effects, it never out numbers the advantages of this drug. The side effects and recommendations for this drug is explained in this article.

Side Effects

There are many side effects for this drug. Some of the side effects are severe. Some of them are irregular heart beat, blurred vision, dry mouth, memory loss, severe head aches, unable to focus on a particular thing, sleepiness, urination problem, etc. These are some of the small side effects of this drug. When ever we come across such side effects it is better to consult a doctor rather than waiting for the drug to settle in our body. It is a wrong thinking that the side effects vanish once the drug gets used to the body.

Precautions for valium

This drug is a dangerous drug if taken without the prior permission of the doctor. Since this drug produces some side effects it is always better to take some precautionary steps in order to reduce the side effects. Some of precautionary steps are explained here. This drug should not be taken without the prescription of a doctor. Avoid taking alcohol while taking this drug, you should tell about all the medications taken so far to the doctor. It should be known that this drug will slow down the brain and will make the person unable to think or focus properly.


Valium should be taken based on what the doctor has prescribed. It is dangerous to take more dosage of this drug. If we miss to take up this drug, we can take it again if we are not late for more than 2 hours. It also advised not to take up this drug twice if we missed a dosage.

Alternative Drugs

There are a lot of drugs that are available in the market. The only reason why people use this drug is because of its effectiveness. Though there are some herbal remedies for reducing the anxiety, it is known that herbal remedies don't give fast relief as valium gives. More over herbal remedies are not consistent. This is the reason why people prefer Valium. Even the doctors don’t prefer to prescribe herbal remedies

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