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Wellbutrin and Anxiety

Wellbutrin and Anxiety

In today's world many people are suffering from anxiety disorder so a better solution that many want to attain for the relief from this anxiety is that they wanted to go for a medication that can give them the relief that they wanted forever. Well will this be possible, many companies have done research and development and came up with many different kinds of drugs, so people started using these drugs for reducing their anxiety level forever slowly. One such drug which came into picture in the year 1986 was this Wellbutrin, this is also called as Bupropion. After the launch of this product many people started using it due to the positive results that are being given.

Structure of this drug

The main reason why this drug was a success was that when compared with the other drugs this drug has a different chemical structure and also that it can somehow influence the third type of the neurotransmitter chemical. The three chemicals of this neurotransmitter are serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. Actually all the drugs used to have their effect only on the two chemicals of the neurotransmitter where as this Wellbutrin and anxiety has its affect on the third chemical, that’s its difference when compared with the others drugs.

How it works

Since this drug will have its effects on the third chemical of the neurotransmitter there a lot of facts that we need to discuss about the reaction that happens internally by using this drug. This actually helps in the increased levels of the dopamine chemical, so the result is that there a lot of chances in decreasing the anxiety levels in us. The main solution or the cure will come into picture by the combined action of all these three chemicals of the neurotransmitter.

Advantages of Wellbutrin

There are a lot of advantages by using this drug, the smoking intention of any person can be stopped apart from this we can achieve in weight loss and also when we use other drug s there are chances of decrease in the sex levels, so this is a side-effect of those drugs, so when we use this drug that can be reverted back to normal, which means sex levels will not be decreased by using this drug.

Side Effects of Wellbutrin

Every drug has some side-effects so this Wellbutrin and anxiety is not left behind. To mention a few here are stomach problems, nausea and dry mouth sometimes, it is also suggested that children must not use this drug apart from that this drug is not prescribed to be used by people who are using some different drugs to stop their smoking  and for other major problem that they are running with. Always a good guidance is needed for using this drug from a medical practitioner.

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