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Childhood Anxiety

To a certain extent health check up topic of childhood anxiety, Which was not considered in the past, it was announced that more than 10% of children suffer from some form of childhood anxiety at S.G.C in the year of 2000 and psychological treatment should be provided for that , Many of us who will go through this may feel that we had such type of anxiety in their childhood and every one will recollect the situations and the fears which were experienced in their child hood.


Childhood anxiety is based on many expressive interruptions, too. Here is the list which gets include: Comprehensible fear like facing new and different situations, negative thinking about their parents Clinginess - especially in strange places, or around new people. Clinginess – feeling shy before the new people, weeping antagonism, destructive activities, Whininess, and perhaps lose headway in adulthood through adolescent way for performing things.

Stress is nothing but a routine part of life and every one should and has to experiences tress in day to day routine work. Childhood anxiety demonstrate the habitants to not to be negative instead it produces different temperament and determination, and some energy to deal with the situations.

In some situations stress is helpful. One should not run out of the situation instead he/she should understand the situations of childhood anxiety and should develop the sense of motivation. Parents should not command their children instead they should act in a friendly way such that the child doesn't get tensed.

Care Taking

Parents are the only strength whom child can have. So the parents should take care of the child that how does a child react for any problem. The parent should share the problems in a friendly and lovable manner such that the child feels he/she is completely protected. But in the other case the childhood anxieties may be covered up temporarily - but not permanently.

Precautions for childhood anxieties

Parents should share their ideas and views with the children and they should also spend much time with the children in order to make them happy .parents should have patience to listen to their Child's ideas fears and interests and they should encourage them. Elders should develop self confidence in them such that they feel free to do the things in the right way. At last there are some things which child wants to handle the situation to get out of the childhood anxiety at such time every one has to encourage them such that they can gain self confidence to fight with childhood anxieties.

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