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Causes of Math Anxiety


Some people have fear of manipulation of numbers and also the solving of mathematical problems. This is not the case of just the subject Mathematics but it affects their life also. In their day to day life if such mathematical problems arise then also it is impossible for some people to cope with it. They have a nervousness feeling for just taking a look a it. They don’t even want try to solve the problem in hand. Math anxiety affects a person’s ordinary life and also the academic situations also.

Causes of math anxiety

The cause of Math Anxiety is actually very small and common. If one fails to master a mathematical concept and is constantly pursued by their parents and teacher, one develops this kind of anxiety. It generally arises from a negative past experience. Punishing one for not mastering in mathematics will trigger the math anxiety and then it goes on increasing by time. To some extents it is also believed that Math Anxiety can also be initiated due to the teaching method of mathematics in our public and private schools. Punishing a child will be the silliest mistake of a parent or that of a teacher. But it always leaves a life long negative impression on the child. Most of the people suffering from this type of anxiety are afraid to give tests which are based on time trials. They also fear that they will be embarrassed in front of the public.

How to overcoming math anxiety

The first thing is that one have to do is, to recognize that they have Math Anxiety. This will be the start of the struggle against Math Anxiety. The second thing one has to keep in mind is that a lot of other people are there who also have Math Anxiety. Now one has to concentrate on the point from where they started this anxiety. That is from the school days or from college, due to the scolding of parents or that of a teacher. Turning down math problem won’t make it disappear. Try to solve it. Try to fight it. Try to solve the problem in a way which you are comfortable with. Try to avoid those who aren't helpful and divert your mind towards positive thoughts. If you are anxious then it will affect your memory and you won’t be able to recollect anything. Practice makes man perfect and that is absolutely applicable in this case also. Practice mathematical problems daily. Make it a habit to solve some mathematical problems everyday. Rigorous work will only make you tired. Try to take rest in regular intervals. Pressuring your self wont help and Math Anxiety cannot be death with in a single day. It takes time. It is a slow process and patience is the key for that.

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