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Menopause Anxiety


Menopause is a time line for women where a lot of changes happen in them. The new researches done on this issue is revealing the true facts and is stripping away old myths. Research helps in adding valuable knowledge about the best ways to preserve health and also function in the postmenopausal years. During the period of menopause it is noticed that high levels of the hormones, estrogen and progesterone are absent. Now in this case replacing hormones is a delicate question, which has to determine considering the health and body factors of that individual. She herself has to know about what risks could be minimized by this particular treatment and what risks could be heightened considering that it is not that disturbing.

A large group of doctors have learned that an equal amount of women are very much enthusiastic about taking Estrogen Replacement Therapy or combined estrogen and progesterone therapy and many are still not comfortable with it. If started on HRT, a major number of women stop it on their own. And the most come across reason for it is the fear of an increased risk for breast cancer. Even though replacement hormones have a significant effect on decreasing risks of death from heart disease or even from the disability from osteoporosis, the fear of dying from breast cancer always makes its way to the top of the people’s minds.

Mental Symptoms

Major mental problems faced due to this are not necessarily a part of menopause. There are even some cases where some women don’t ever get any mental or psychological symptoms. And not every symptom that occurs during the period of menopause is caused by menopause. As compared to men, women are more likely to have the factors of anxiety and worry. Depression is also common in women than in men. It is just a coincidence that some of these panic attacks or anxiety attacks occur during menopause. And it is considered that every symptom occurring that duration is a result of menopause.

Here are a some steps that can help relive the symptoms of menopause anxiety :-

  • Exercise - Doing relaxing exercises such as swimming, walking or yoga. Whenever you feel fear, try to inhale deeply and slowly from your belly during a few minutes.
  • Find social support: "Find women who are either your age or older who have been through menopause."
  • Healthy diet - Some products should be avoided such as too much alcohol (more than 1 glass daily), refined sugar, nicotine, caffeine, antidepressants or other drugs which can lead to dependence.
  • Don’t get too hungry. Ever notice how edgy people on diets are?  Chronic hunger can cause anxiety, even in folks not prone to it. That’s because blood sugar levels are too low to sustain brain levels of seratonin.


It is important that a comprehensive look at all the physical changes that can occur in that span of life should be taken. It should also be noticed that how it is affecting you. While doing the survey following points should be taken care of. Genital and urinary changes are bound to happen. Problems with bone health and hot flashes cannot be ruled. And the main factor to be aware of is coronary heart disease risk. ERT or HRT can be used to improve the listed conditions.

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