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Anxiety While Speaking in Public


Anxiety in public speaking is also known as anxiety nerosis. The person has tremendous anxiety or nervousness while appearing in public. He may perspire, feel as if heart is beating faster, the pulse rate will be higher and there will be severe shooting pain in neck and arm. The person will not be able to deliver a speech confidently and without hesitation. His voice will be blurred and body will be trembling.


A person can be anxious due to many causes. Some of them are when not properly prepared, when one lacks confidence, when you feel that your preparation is not complete and the audience highly critical, when you have only one or two points to speak, when you know that your speech will be boring.

Tackling anxiety in public speaking

To feel anxious while talking in public is very natural. One has to overcome it, because it plays an important role in our life and career. There are three steps to overcome anxiety. They are planning, preparation, and practice. Before going to speak on any topic one has to plan what he’s going to talk and how he’s going to talk. And also what are the contents he has to talk. Planning is important because it helps you to speak in a systematic and appropriate manner. One should also know how many people they are going to address and what they expect from the speaker. To build up self confidence, preparation is a must. Pranayam is a best way to relax your body and make one self calm and cool. Pranayam is a breathing technique in which you have to breathe in and then hold it for a minute and breathe out slowly. The final step to overcome anxiety is practice. Try to present your self in front of your friends and ask them for their opinions or you can stand in front of a mirror and practice your self narrating the speech over and over again. Otherwise record your voice and listen to it yourself. To make it complete make some questions and try to answer them yourself.


There are many medicines available to reduce anxiety. But the best is always to perceive one’s mental stability and to change accordingly. Beta Blockers are the main drugs used for reducing anxiety. They decrease the pumping of excessive adrenaline into blood. Regular dosage of this medicine is again injurious to heath. Taking coffee in excessive quantity can increase the level of anxiety. Alcohol and marijuana can decrease your self confidence and can develop anxiety when appearing in public.

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