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Separation Anxiety Disorder


Some people fear from the fact that they will be living apart from their family, especially from their parents. A large number of people are affected by Separation Anxiety Disorder. It does not depend on one’s age. It can happen to any age group, of any community. Small children who are suffering from this disorder fear that something bad will happen to them if they are parted from their family. They think that their family will be lost and can never be parted again with them. Separation Anxiety Disorder affects 4% of children and a slightly lower proportion of adolescents, affecting girls and boys about equally.

Causes for Separation Anxiety Disorder

Those children who are kept away from facing real life situations and problems by their parents are the main victims of this disorder. We restrict our child from the real life activities and do things for them. This restricts them from the outside world interaction. They depend on the parents for every little thing. Even small things cannot be handled by them. This gives a feeling to them that for everything their parents or some care taker is present. This over dependency initiates Separation Anxiety Disorder.


A child suffering from this disorder will try to follow the parent where ever he or she goes. They don’t want to let their parents out of sight. Some children will request their parents to even sleep with them. They will have nightmares like someone’s taking away their parents from them. Something bad will happen to them. Constant worry of the well being of family members is also a sign that the child has Separation Anxiety Disorder. They try to avoid school as much as possible thinking while they are at school then something bad will happen to their parents or their loved ones.


The crucial role here is played by the parents. It is important that every time the child gets anxious they have to be calm. Listening to them is the next process. Listen to what they have to say and what is their problem. Try to understand their state of mind. Remind them of the past good experiences and the success they had. Treatment may also involve one or more forms of psychotherapy. Also give them some insights of the pleasure in the future. Some forms of treatment are, Cognitive behavioral therapy, in which the therapist teaches the child to challenge negative thoughts, develop new, positive thoughts, and practice alternative behaviors. Family therapy helps parents to manage their child's illness and learn effective parenting skills.

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