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Speech Anxiety


Speech Anxiety is a different type of phobia which is normally in many now-a-days, people who are with this type of phobia are mainly worried a lot when they are about to give a speech, they have a stage fear to talk in front of the public, for this no type of medicine is available in the market, slowly making themselves strong in this area to give a special speech daily in front of a small group of people will make them free from this Anxiety.

Symptoms of Speech Anxiety

Some people start to have the anxious attack even before the actual event of verbal communication with any group has to begin. Even the thought of delivering a speech to a group of people is frightening enough. They try to avoid coming into any situation where they become the center of attraction. The symptoms like shivering, sweating, nauseated feeling are associated with this complaint. The person can also get panicked in such situations. Symptoms of speech anxiety can be divided into three basic categories. The three categories are physical, verbal, and non-verbal. The person will be in a fight-or-flight situation. The person will be very much tensed and will not be in a position to face the audience and symptoms like increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased pulse rate, increased perspiration, etc can be observed. The person will also feel very thirsty and will drink lots of water. There will be dryness of the mucus membrane and he will feel his voice trembling. In dysfunctional speech anxiety the person will not be able to perform properly. Stress induced speech disorders is the condition in which the patient has problem only while giving public speeches.

Causes of Speech Anxiety

The main cause of this condition is unknown. But there are a few assumptions. One of the main causes can be any previous tragedy that had happened to the individual in his earlier life. He might have received some unfortunate situations like while appearing public he might have received a bad response due to which this disorder has some up. In some cases the person requires complete approval but he is not up to the mark. Or in situations where the speaker is a fresher in the company or any important position and has to speak up in-front of his seniors.

How to overcome of Speech Anxiety

Here are some points and treatment to overcome of speech anxiety:-

  • Know your audience, yourself and your speech.
  • Try to be confident and make a habit of speaking in front of audiences whether you get a bad or good response. Gradually the fear will go away from the persons mind. The person should practice in front of his friends and relatives and make it a habit to face the consequences.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. AND don’t take your shoes off while speaking…sure, it sounds like common sense, but many people do!.
  • Try walking before your speech.  More strenuous exercise should take place much earlier in the day, not just before your speech.  Stretch your muscles throughout your body.  Try isometric exercise (tense the muscle group, hold, release).

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