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Chest Pain in Anxiety

Anxiety is a very worst situation which frequently happens in everyone’s life at any point of time. There is no certain age limit for this particular Chest pain in Anxiety. If you will feel some pain in your chest when listening something bad news regarding your near or dear ones, this is nothing but a simple anxiety to know about that person. But many people think that this is Heart attack. Anxiety Chest pain is caused by the contraction of your chest wall muscles. Frequent chest main is not at all related to Heart problems. But the problem should be treated like as important like Heart problem with care to avoid further complications.


This pain has many possible causes, all the causes should need proper medical supervision. The main causes of pain are in two types Cardiac and non-cardiac.

  • Cardiac causes: Heart attack, Angina and other Cardiac causes.
  • Non Cardiac causes: Heart burn, Panic attack, pulmonary embolism, other lung conditions, Costochondritis, Pleurisy, Cancer.


Chest pain might be severe and difficult to explain. Feeling constant Pain in and around chest behind your chest in either sides of your spine, Feeling pressure, unable to breathe properly then its very serious and immediately you have to consult for emergency medical care in all aspects.

Diagnosis to be done

You can check up by consulting a cardiologist weather the pain is related to Cardiac or Non-Cardiac. Some of the following check ups needed to diagnosis the appropriate reason. Electrocardiogram(ECG) , Stress test , Tread mill test (TMT), Blood tests, Chest X-rays, Nuclear scan, Coronary catheterization (Angiogram) Electron beam Computerized tomography (EBCT), Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, Echocardiogram, Endoscopy.

After the necessary tests done based on the report doctors will advise you what to do. If at all this pain is due to CARDIAC PROBLEM doctors will advise you to take up clot-clearing drugs or necessary surgeries like “Angioplasty”, “Stenting” and Coronary bypass surgery. In Non-Cardiac causes treatment depends upon the problem.


Angioplasty is a surgery to clear blocks in your arteries by inserting a catheter and a balloon to clear the block to improve blood circulation in the Artery’s.

  • Stenting: In common simple words to say about stenting are nothing but simple holder inside the operated artery to keep it open after the Angioplasty.
  • Coronary bypass surgery: This surgery provides alternative route for blood circulation by bypassing the blocked area of arteries. The bypass route will be done by another vein as we are having so many unwanted extra veins in our body.

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