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Effects of Anxiety Disorder

The effects of Anxiety Disorder is mainly in two types Physical Anxiety and Physiological Anxiety.

Physical Anxiety : This will occur in five ways on human body. 1) Cardiovascular Anxiety 2) Nervous Anxiety 3) Respiratory Anxiety 4) Sweat gland Anxiety and Some other Physical parts also effects with Anxiety.

    • Cardiovascular Anxiety : The effect of this anxiety acts on heart directly , cause of this anxiety heart beat will increase in sudden , blood pressure will shoot up , and you can sense a little bit of sudden blood flow in big muscles like thighs , arms and in some other.
    • Respiratory Anxiety : The main effect of this anxiety is sudden depression in breath, with you will also feel like breathlessness, cause of breathlessness you will start taking deep breathing, confusion, sometimes you can sense chest pain also. This Anxiety is not at all that much dangerous.
    • Sweat gland Anxiety: In this anxiety you can find that the person who is suffering will be in over sweating, with this we cannot hold that person as the body condition of he/she will be cool and slippery.

Physiological Anxiety: Mainly Physiological anxiety effects on the Behaviour and Mental Condition of the person who is suffering. Because with this effect the main communication from brain which is the main part of control in human body will be shaky, there might be a chance of shivering, not be able to speak properly, staring at persons around, a person feels that he/she is in trap by others and they do things in that way that wants to escape from that situation immediately. The mental condition also not at that perfect level, they will not be able to concentrate to do work of their routine even they don’t need that much of attention or concentration.

Common Symptoms in Physical Anxiety

Irritation and loss of temper, frequent urination, abdomen and stomach pain, rapid increase in heart rate. You may find hard to sleep properly.


Try to do some Meditation daily so that you can have at least some control on your body and mind. Enough sleep for at least 6hrs per day, Eat properly a nice diet balanced food at regular time. Avoid consumption of Nicotine (smoking), Drugs like cocaine, brown sugar and liquor.

If at all still the problem persists try to consult doctor immediately to avoid cardiac arrest. It’s better to take suggestion from social worker or a physiologist.

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