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Statistics and Facts About Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disarray is a widespread mental infirmity. It is being experienced by the inhabitants of United States. Not less than 20-30 million of inhabitants are affected by this infirmity. From the last days of teen age (18-54) inhabitants are inflated through this infirmity. A survey report of psychoanalysis anxiety disarray rate more than $42 billions per annum and the billing is more than 30% of the US psychological fitness statement. A psychoanalysis anxiety disarray rate more than $42 billions per annum hospice and the billing is more than 30% of the US psychological fitness statement. Habitants under going anxiety disarray (3 out of 5) are most common visitors of doctors and they are being hospice due to lack of rest to mind.


Inhabitants by means of an anxiety disorder are three-to-five times more likely to go to the doctor and six times more likely to be hospitalized for psychiatric disorders than non-sufferers.

Anxiety Disarray

Common Anxiety Disarray (CAD): Total Of female influenced by CAD are more or less double the male. Inhabitants suffers by CAD have additional level may suffer with supplementary disarray. Habitants need a lot of relaxation to the mind .

Infatuated mesmerizing Disorder (IMD): Female, male are similarly prone are suffering with this disorder. Above 30% of adults have primary warning sign in early days. In 1990 IMD rates inhabitants 6% of the totality psychological fitness bill.

Terror Disarray: Most inhabitants of US are being affected .Females are double more prone than male. Sonority velocity is terrifically soaring

Post Shocking Anxiety Disarray: Females are mostly to be affected than male. Rape is the main liable difficulty of Post Shocking Anxiety Disarray (PSAD), 65% of male and 46% of female  been raped previously are suffering from PSAD. The kids who have been raped in their premature childhood are supplementary level to PSAD in their youth or parenthood.

Collective Anxiety Disarray: It is similarly universal surrounded by men and women. 5.3 millions of the inhabitants are suffering with collective Anxiety Disarray. This type of disarray would be found very rarely in the habitants. This may relate to things or they feel that some thing bad is happening to the persons whom they obey very much

Irrational Fear: 15 million of habitants are affected with irrational fear females are double likely to be affected as male. Due to the fear there is a chance of committing suicide.

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