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Agoraphobia Panic Attack

Agoraphobia Panic Attack

Fear due to traveling, also called as Agoraphobia. This is a different type of panic attack that arises as part of the Anxiety disorder. Many people who are suffering with this type of phobia are helpless, they wanted to go out and see and watch the public, but they feel a lot of fear inside themselves, they are unable to go out from their home for a very less distance, the reasons are sometimes un-answerable but the arise may be due to Anxiety that they have within them. When we try to treat a person who is suffering from this phobia it’s also a difficult task. The patient will not listen at all when we try them to take small baby steps to come out and have a walk along with them. Understanding of the patients mind is an important factor that has to be considered while treating these types of people.

Reasons why this Phobia arises

Reasons might be many but the underlying fact for such a type of fear is that, patients feel that they are left behind and they cant even go out, sometime some feel like if they travel they might die, why such type of questions will be prevailing in the patients mind is another question many doctors are taking into account, since to treat these type of phobia people apart from medicines a lot of personal care and psychological treatment must be done. A lot of experience must b e needed while any doctor opts for treating these phobic patients.

Always walk slowly

To be cured from such a phobia then we must always be prepared mentally to walk away from home, slowly this practice must be implemented, initially a small walk is needed along with family members or with friends or with closed ones, they if this is practiced for some months they slowly we have to try to walk individually so that the internal fear that we have to travel will slowly be disappeared from us.

How To Prevent Agoraphobia Panic Attack

To say frankly this type of attack must be slowly be taken into consideration, first and foremost the stress that anyone feels internally will arise Anxiety within us so we must prepare ourselves always to be a condition wherein we can always be relaxed in what type of tense situation we face.

Try to see that you can make your self to be free in public so that you can raise your voice along with them and internally can build your confidence a lot means indirectly reducing the Anxiety in us and this type of Phobia.

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