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Phobia in general refers to fear for something. Ablutophobia refers to the fear for bathing washing, cleaning. This is commonly seen in people who are very emotional. Ablutophobia will make the person gets dejected himself and as a result feel loneliness. This is caused mostly in children and women compared to males. There are lots of treatment for Ablutophobia but it should be done carefully otherwise, it will worsen the situation. Ablutophobia is caused when a person suffers from some mental trauma in a situation where he had direct contact with washing, bathing or cleaning. This is the reason why people suffer from Ablutophobia.

Symptoms of Ablutophobia

The symptoms of Ablutophobia are very common. The person suffering from Ablutophobia will have irregular heart beat, trauma, nausea, sweating, etc. The person will get panic and will feel so worried. All these symptoms can lead to some severe symptoms if the person suffers frequently.

Causes of Ablutophobia

One of the reasons why people show fear for bathing , cleaning, and washing is that, some incident might have happened in their past which would have severely affected them mentally or physically, when they where bathing, cleaning, or washing. Thus their emotion has made them suffer from Ablutophobia. This is a precaution taken by their mind to prevent from such dangers. The best way to cure this disease is to make them understand their inner mind that such incident will never occur or will not bring danger to them. One of the better ways to treat such a person is to take them to a consultant and make him tell the reason why he or she is scared of such incidents like washing, bathing, or cleaning. Thus once this is known, and then it will be very easy to convince them that such incident will never occur in their life.

Treatment for Ablutophobia

Ablutophobia could be cured very easily if the patient gives full commitment and sincerity. In the name of the Ablutophobia, the patients are made to do things which will bring them more and more trauma and tension. This will only worsen the situation. This type of treatment will make the patient more tensed when he or she come across bathing, cleaning and bathing. This type of treatment may take months or years to recover or even the patient may not recover for ever. There are also some better ways to treat this person for which the person needs the full commitment and dedication

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