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Acarophobia - Symptoms and Treatment

Another type of phobia is the Acarophobia which is the fear for insects and itching. We will be thinking that only we will be having this fear. But in reality many people suffer from this phobia. This fear although don’t bring any danger, it will make the person, tensed. Though it sounds so silly, it is one of the most severe phobias, once it is experienced. There are lot of treatments for this phobia, which only require the commitment and dedication of the patient.

Symptoms of Acarophobia

Acarophobia brings lot of symptoms, which is easy to identify that they are suffering from a phobia. The person will be having irregular heart beat, high blood pressure, sweating, dry mouth, inability to speak and think, fear of dying, breathlessness, feeling sick, etc. Here if we keep on mentioning all the symptoms then the list never ends.

Treatment for Acarophobia

As mentioned there are many treatments. Basically the two common treatments are, hyper therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Hypnotherapy is more common treatment offered.


Hypnotherapy is the treatment where the human mind is looked for some errors and then rectifying those errors. This is just like debugging the human mind. This treatment will only reduce the effects of the symptoms but will not completely remove the phobia. Sometime latter there are chances that the phobia will re- occur. The main draw back in this treatment is that not all people will feel to allow others to control their mind.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

This is another more effective treatment for this type of phobia.  In this treatment, the person is made to imagine the reality and re program his brain, and remove the causes and reasons for Acarophobia. In this treatment, the person, is made to speak and is made to think on his own. They are made to imagine things in reality. They are made to think that fear for insects are of no importance. Also they are made to know that fearing something which doesn't poses danger to him is really of no use. All these imaginations by the patient will make him think well and reprogram his mind to face the real world. He gets the strength to face the insects. Thus this will remove this phobia from the root cause, as a result will never re occur again in hi life.

One type of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is energy Psychology.

Thus treating the person suffering from Acarophobia is really possible in these days.

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