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Fear of Achluophobia

Achluophobia is a type of phobia which is seen in many of the young people. Achluophobia refers to the fear of the darkness. This phobia is a serious issue as it will affect the person completely. Some of the other names of this disorder are, Myctophobia, Nyctophobia, and Scotophobia. This disorder will make the person, feel sick and act differently. Most of the women and children suffer from this phobia compared to men. Though there are treatments available for this phobia, it requires the complete involvement and dedication from the person suffering from this disorder.

Achluophobia Symptoms

One of the symptoms of this disorder is that the person will lose his mental balance. He will have irregular heart beat, loss of weight, sleepless nights, unable to think and speak properly, and unable to do his routine activities thinking about this disorder. The patient will loose interest in his work. He will not be able to perform up to his potential. This will affect his personal and official life. As a result of his failure in official works, he will loose thousands of dollars in his work.

Causes of Achluophobia

One of the causes for this disorder is the danger or trauma that was caused for the person during the darkness. This may include, watching the TV shows and movies that might have shown some scaring scenes in darkness. Watching such TV shows will make the person think that such incident will happen to him also in reality. This is the beginning of Achluophobia. Latter on this phobia will make him restless. Another one cause for such disorder is that, the person would have witnessed some dangerous moments in darkness during his childhood days. This fear would have been there in his mind some where as it was not removed from his mind. The main reason why this disorder is seen in people is because of the misconception that darkness is always danger.

Achluophobia Treatment

As the part of the treatment, there are cases where the patient is made to sit in the darkness and witness this disorder. This will help him recover as it will worsen his situation even more than previous. There are treatments that are effective and last for one day. All it needs is that the patient should be made understand that darkness is not at all a danger. He should be taken to a consultant and the source of his fear should be identified. Once this is identified, the patient should be convinced saying that such events never happens and if at all happens, it comes very rarely.

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