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The fear that a person experiences while visiting a dentist is known as dental phobia. This is not an uncommon thing but a very common fear that is seen in half the population. This may be due to their previous experiences with the dentist. It is seen that most of the people do not go for regular check up because of this fear. And this can lead to many health problems. The teeth and gums can get infected and there can also be difficulty in chewing and swallowing.  Improper oral hygiene can also lead to bad breath and also many other dental problems such as dental caries, tooth decay, gingivitis, mouth ulcers etc. sometimes the speech can also be affected.


There can be many causes due to which this fear can develop. It may be because of some bad experiences that have occurred with him in the past, or it may occur by watching any unpleasant situations at the dentist clinic, or by hearing some scary experience of a known person. Improper handling by the physician in the clinic can also result in this phobia. In some cases the person will not be maintaining a good oral hygiene and he doesn't go to the physician because he fears that the physician may comment on it or make fun of it.


Dental phobia can be controlled by oneself. It is not a major problem and the person need not worry about it. One can visit a dentist and let him know about ones fears and seek for help. If the dentist feels that the person is really in trouble, then he may try to help him out. But in some cases the physician will not be keen enough to listen to the patient and solve his problem; in this case one can shift to some other dentist who is ready to help him out. In United States there is a treatment called dental phobia treatment centre. Here the patients suffering from this complaint are exposed to various dental procedures to remove the fear from their mind. Gradually they will understand the procedures and will be relaxed and calm and their fear will reduce day by day. One should try to be cool when at the clinic. If he is feeling any sort of anxiety he should tell the doctor and clear all his doubts. One can also listen to music or do any simple work sitting in the clinic so that his mind is diverted and he will feel relaxed. You can also simple go through a newspaper or a magazine which is lying there just to keep yourself cool.

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