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Driving Phobia


Driving is an art and to perform it all the senses in the body should be alert and in perfect control. The person should fully concentrate while driving. When there is a little amount of stress then the person can loose his control and concentration. To avoid this it is always advised that one shouldn't drive while there are running with stress. In some cases the person might have experienced a bad accident and due to this the person will develop a fear to drive. This is known as driving phobia. It is not necessary that there should be a specific reason for developing fear. In some cases this fear can develop without any reason. Some may develop this fear after seeing anyone suffering after a major accident or after a very unpleasant experience. There are a lot of differences between fear, anxiety and phobia. In cases of fear the patient will constantly keep on worrying but will be able to drive. He won’t stop driving but his mind will also be in a restless state. But in some cases a person might have escaped a narrow accident and after that he developed fear. This state is known as driving anxiety. But in cases of phobia the person will not even be able to drive the vehicle even for a short distance because of the intense panic attack.

How to control

This condition can be treated and cured by oneself if he is having the will power to do so. He must believe that only what he can see and hear is true. All the other things that will be present in our mind should be tried to be discarded. He should be able to control his mind and make a decision that he will drive. If he tries to practice this after some time he will be able to drive properly. But if still the person feels that he can’t do it he should consult a physician and take medicines for it but always make sure that one can drive after the consumption of those medicines. A person should never drive if he is under tension or stress because at this time the person will not be able to give his whole attention to the work he is doing and there is likely for unpleasant experiences to occur. So he should relax his body and mind and then only drive any vehicle. The person can relax himself by simply stopping the car somewhere and sitting simply for some time. If he practices such small things then he can control and cure this phobia.

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