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Phobia refers to the fear for some situations or object. Phobia is not a disease. It is a disorder. It will make the person restless. Phobia could be seen mostly in women and children, compared to men. Person suffering from phobia are likely to loss his mental balance. Phobia could be caused due to many situations and objects. Some of the phobia occurring situations are darkness, animals, flying, washing, bathing, fear for water, etc.

Types of Phobia

There are many types of phobia. But they can classify into 5 categories generally. They are explained as follows. The first one is the fear for animals and the impacts of animals over human. The next one is fear of some natural catastrophe like storms, earth quakes, etc. the third sub type of phobia is fear over blood. This phobia is caused in people when they see the blood and surgeries. This phobia is common in many of them. The fourth type of phobia is the one which is caused due to elevators or flying. This phobia is caused when traveling plane. Finally the last type of phobia is the fear caused due to the illness and sickness. Thus these are the basic sub types of phobia.

Phobia Diagnosis

Diagnosis of phobia is done by many means. There are many ways how we can identify a person who is suffering form phobia. People affected with phobia behave differently. They will be very restless and think a lot. Once they get a fear on some situation or object they try to avoid it latter on. Person will become very careful in order to avoid this situation. They will not be able to do their daily routines properly. They become more and more anxious once they come across the phobia related situation. People who suffer from phobia always worry about it, and latter on it affects their work at office.

Phobia Causes

There are many causes for the phobia to come into a person. One of the common causes for phobia is some incident which happened in their childhood days which would have struck their minds severely. If any thing happens in their childhood it will be there in them for rest of their life. Latter on they will get tensed thinking about this incident. People will never forget things that happened in their child hood. Some other causes include, fear of watching some scary movies in TV, imagining some dangerous situations that never happens in real time, etc.

Thus phobia is just a disorder which could be cured very easily if properly treated.

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