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Anxiety Self Help


For curing Anxiety disorder one doesn't have to look for professional help only. There are stages through which this disorder will grow, and it’s only the later part when anxiety cannot be controlled by an individual. And that is when he or she needs medical help. Surprisingly anxiety can be cured all by our self. We can use a combination of treatment methods that often include self-help. The first thing that matters in the treatment of anxiety is whether you are ready to help yourself for the treatment. A positive attitude must be there before you start with this treatment. Only a positive approach of mind of the patient will ensure the correct working of the treatment. If you are not ready for the treatment and don’t believe in it then it is more likely to fail than to cure.

Self help techniques

There are many self helping tools by which we can control anxiety.

Good amount of Sleep

Always see that you have allocated an enough amount of time for your sleep, since if we don’t have a proper sleep at night then the next day we will be always irritated a lot and due to which we will be almost in a situation wherein we are unable to pay our attention neither in our work or in our personal matters. So this is always a good factor to be taken care about.


Diet is an important factor to be considered, see that you take a proper diet and that to on time, the food we take in also has an affect in our mental as well as physical condition.

Reduce Stress

See that you will always reduce stress so that indirectly you can reduce anxiety in you. So try always to keep your mind cool in all your work matters as well in your personal matters. Try to o Yoga and Meditation and Pranayanam.


If it’s in the early stage then one can eliminate anxiety very soon by doing these self help techniques. So there will be no need in going for any medicines nor consulting any professional doctors. Always see that you have a positive approach in whatever dealing you deal with. Don’t put yourself in such a situation that you are left behind and that you don’t have enough energy to do anything by your own.

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