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Dealing with Anxiety Attacks


Well to say frankly many are in a state of unbalanced mood wherein they are unable to judge themselves how to deal with anxiety, this is a big problem. Many really don’t know that they need a special medication technique to cure themselves from this anxiety. So we can raise many questions at this stage, how people come forward to tackle this anxiety problem, what are the measures they must implement, all these can be answered in the following paragraphs.

There are different approaches to deal with this anxiety, but selecting the best one at the right time is the important decision of anyone.


There are many causes for this disorder. Some may fear to talk in front of a big audience which is commonly known as stage fear or speech anxiety. Some may fear to perform a mathematical solution, even if it is a very simple problem, it is known as math anxiety. Some may fear to perform under pressure. Some may try to avoid performing in public feeling that they will have to face humiliation and embarrassment; this is known as social anxiety. Anxiety is mainly felt by humans due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. Serotonin is known to be very sensitive towards people suffering from anxiety disorder. Regulating the level of serotonin can help controlling the factors of anxiety. For every cause there are respective medications and psychological treatments.

Do a relaxed Exercise

It’s always a better idea to do exercise which provides to you some sort of relaxation. Selecting a particular exercise will always help you in maintaining a good mood where ever you are. Some prefer going for meditation, this is always a good idea since this will make your mind relaxed and will maintain a cool mind which is free from all stresses. Anxiety is related with stress so if we can reduce the stress indirectly we can cure anxiety in us.

Other Ways in dealing with Anxiety

Try to see that you are always a person in the society, maintain good relationships with the people in the society, try to go and have a cool chat with them, try to participate in discussions and many social events, involving in such activities will keep you always fresh and you will be in a state of mind wherein you will forget that you are running with stress. Sometimes you can listen to music to reduce anxiety. 

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