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Social Anxiety Medication

Many people have this problem these days, they have a fear that they cant show themselves in the public, they feel shy and think that they are not capable to talk to any new persons or can do any new and important things before the public, they will make themselves to come out of that place and go away far to some new place. This type of behavior is seen in may people all around the word. So the only way to tackle this problem is to make themselves comfortable slowly in the public at any cost.

Now–a–days there are many medications available in the market to cure this type of anxiety disorder. Though for time being we can suggest anyone to use them but it’s always a good idea not to use for a long period since many drugs can have side-effects so care must be taken while using them. Cognitive behavior Therapy is one way by which we can cure people who are running with this type of problem, and parallely if we use medication techniques then the amount of cure can increased soon.

Selective Serotonin reuptake Inhibitors

These are a special type of drugs which include Prozac, Luvox and Aproax in its category. Many are using these category drugs to decrease this anxiety disorder. When compared with the other type of drugs the side-effects are very less and people who are suffering from this type of disorder can easily go ahead with this without any fear or thought in their mind.


These are a special type of drugs where we must take a lot of care while dealing with them, many use these drugs since the results that these give are very quick and fast relief will be obtained when compared with the other drugs. Valium and Ducene are the two that come under this category. Every drug has a side-effect and this category is not left behind, mainly there are chances of some laziness and fatigue occurrence after using these drugs.

Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors 

These drugs are a special quality ones, lot of care must be taken while using them. Diet must be taken properly while using these drugs. Since if diet is not taken on time then there are chances of heart attacks. The usage of these drugs will help in breaking down the serotonin and nor- epinephrine, which means there will be a gradual rise in the level of neurotransmitters and indirectly the anxiety will be decreased.


The usage of the above drugs will help to reduce the level of anxiety a lot, there are other ways of medication techniques like pharmacotherapy and maintenance therapy. So these are some ways by which we can decrease the social anxiety disorder.

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